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Welcome to the Wholesale Portal for The Natural Dog Company!
Welcome to the Wholesale Portal for The Natural Dog Company

Freeze Dried Beef Blood Topper - 1 oz

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UPC 810723033311

Ingredients: Beef blood.

Description: Sourced from USDA inspected beef, this beef blood has been freeze dried, which helps preserve important nutrients. The texture is somewhat crumbly and powdery, and the product is packaged in a resealable 1 ounce plastic container.

Key Benefits: Freeze drying is a method that removes water using pressure (rather than heat), which preserves the nutritional values of whole foods. The nutrients found in beef blood are highly bioavailable (e.g. easily digested and utilized by the body), and includes B vitamins, vitamin C, protein, iron, phosphorus, calcium, niacin, and more.

Chew Meter: Light. The texture is a crumbly powder, and best fed as a nutritious topper sprinkled over your dog food. Highly recommended for raw fed dogs or dogs on a homemade diet.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein: 93.16% min
Crude Fat: 0.34% min
Moisture: 3.82% max
Fiber: 0.51% max

Calorie content (calculated):  3280 Kcal/kg, ~93kcal/oz

Made in USA