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How to Use Our Color Coded Labels

New product labels for The Natural Dog Company

We are changing our label design for the first time in 10 years! Our new labels are color coded based on "Product Family" - e.g. all tremenda chews will have a sky blue label, all tripas chews will have an orange label, and so on. These new colors will help your customers find exactly what they're looking for, and will also help you create a striking display for your natural dog treats.

Our new labels also have a Chew Meter, which will give you an idea of the durability of the treat.

As of May 2020, we are slowly starting to build our products so that newer treats will have the colorful labels. You may continue to receive shipments with mixed labels (some products may have the older white labels, and some may have the new colorful labels). 

Here are all of the different colors for our various Product Families.  Click on each product type to browse all treats and chews in the collection.