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12" Tripas Sticks - 6 oz

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UPC 810723030617

Ingredients: 100% beef intestine, sourced from free range grass fed cattle in Brazil.

How it's Made: Made of sausage casing that got rejected for human consumption due to little spots of pigment (kind of like a freckle, but it doesn’t look appealing when made into sausages for people, so we’re making it into dog treats instead!) The very thin casing is wrapped back and forth 13 times to create one thicker stick and is baked at a low temperature for a number of hours.

Chew Time: Firm on the outside, but will start breaking down quickly as the dog starts chewing it - most dogs will eat this chew within several minutes.

Sales Tip: Beef intestine is a low-fat, low-carb, and high in protein natural chew. Tripas sticks are a clean and nearly odorless treat - good for dog owners who don't want a greasy chew leaving a stain on the carpet or furniture.

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Guaranteed Analysis: 
Crude protein (min %) 76.6%
Crude fiber (max %) 0.5%
Crude fat (min %) 9.9%
Moisture (max %) 4.1%