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Wholesale August Specials are here!
Wholesale August Specials are here!

6" Spiral Chewy Bulls (Bulk)

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UPC 851265004605

Ways to Buy it: 25 pieces per case. The price listed is per individual piece.

Ingredients: Beef esophagus, beef rawhide, ground beef bone, ground beef pizzle.

Country of Origin: Brazil.

Description: An irresistible gullet stick (beef esophagus) stuffed with a tasty, soft blend composed of ground beef rawhide, ground beef bone, and ground beef pizzle, all wrapped in a strip of rawhide. Since the rawhide is a long, skinny strip instead of a large knot, this treat is much more digestible for dogs compared to the standard rawhide chew.

Chew Time: A moderately lasting chew for medium dogs, a long lasting chew for small dogs.