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Large Beef Chewies (Bulk)

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UPC 810723031157

Ways to Buy it: Sold in packs of 25 pieces. The price listed is per piece. 

Ingredients: 100% beef skin.

Country of Origin: Turkey.

Description: Each piece measures about 12" long, though there can be some variation. This treat starts out firm but it quickly breaks down into a soft and chewy texture.

Sales Tip: These beef chewies are a great alternative to rawhide bones and rolls. Beef chewies aren't processed as heavily as traditional rawhide and still retain the different layers of the skin. Unlike a rawhide knotted bone, beef chewies are less dense, made out of one continuous piece of skin (rather than smaller scraps cooked together in a mold) and more digestible.

Recommended for: Medium to large dogs, all life stages (including puppies).

Chew Time: A long lasting chew for medium dogs, a moderately lasting chew for large dogs.